The University of Alabama has a range of research centers that provide students state-of-the-art facilities and multi-disciplinary, collaborative interaction.  Many of the Materials Science faculty either manage or are members of these centers. See for a complete listing of research centers and facilities.

Science and Engineering Complex – Completed in 2013, these $300M modern research and teaching buildings houses the laboratories for the engineering and sciences.

AIME – Alabama Institute for Mentoring Entrepreneurs (, which serves as incubator for UA-based start-up companies

Central Analytical Facility (CAF) – Houses more than $10 million of analytical microscopy equipment, including a TEM, FIBs, SEMs, XPS, atom probe and microprobe. Please visit

Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies – Research center dedicated to the vehicle technologies including powertrains, energy storage, materials manufacturing and electronics and serves the budding auto-manufacturing industry in the southeastern US.

MINT – Materials for Information Technology is a multidisciplinary research center that brings together faculty and students who work on magnetic and energy based research.

Micro-Fabrication Facility (MFF) – A multi-million dollar, 7,000-square-footclean room with more than 2,200 square feet of class 100/1000 that houses various physical vapor deposition, lithographic and ion etching instruments that provides for device and related nanomaterials research.

Ray L. Farabee Metal Casting Laboratory – This more than 6,000square-foott facility houses various melting furnaces for casting steels, brass, bronze, cast iron, aluminum, superalloys, etc. as well as mold equipment, a spectrometer, and a 3D printer for investment casting pattern fabrication.



The following links provide information on available facilities at the other host institutions:

University of Alabama, Birmingham

University of Alabama, Huntsville